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Maybe I give them too much credit.

I want to believe they speak about Beth off screen. I want to believe so badly. 

Michonne bringing up Hershel and Andrea…people who have clearly passed on. Saying they miss someone especially when Michonne uses it like that may imply that Beth is “dead”. In which Michonne also knocked out the question about her sword with that.

We have forty-ish minutes in each episode…we are two episodes in… we have to remember that they have not seen Beth since the prison. Half of the population watching the show believed Beth to be dead. We are not casual viewers, we know what SG’s plans are, we watch the interviews, we watch Emily closely, but everyone else… is still wondering, “where’s Beth?”  To be honest, we aren’t— we know exactly where Beth is and what’s happening to her, because we love her so much. But it keeps every other casual viewer guessing and the horrible speculations they come up with …will having them “eating their words” (paraphrase) according to Norman. 

Who has seen Beth since the prison and keeping her memory alive? Daryl. Even in the heart of danger in Terminus, they found a moment to talk about it. But really… let’s escape this hell hole, fight fight fight is the only thing on their mind.

Talking about the second episode and Rick’s decision to go to DC. We all know thats where this was going. Why are we so butt hurt about this right now? Because they didn’t bring Beth up?

Rick: Ok we go to DC.

Maggie or Daryl:   Beth is still out there…

Rick: I know…but how do we find her? Where do we start?

Maggie/Daryl:  ….

Daryl would even be quiet in that moment because where they hell do they start? If Daryl doesn’t have a trail on her… what kind of hope could they even start to find her? Trekking through GA to get up to DC doesn’t mean their eyes wouldn’t be wide open looking for her. But we got Daryl, the one who could possibly be the ONLY one to take down ANYONE to get to Beth. Maggie is strong, but she is not at the level and skill and the lasting hope to power through. Daryl will be the one to make this journey it’s only right it’d be his focus.

Maggie, remember, chose a different path in hopes to find Glenn. She chose to follow the path to Terminus with the hope that Glenn will take the same path, as well as everyone else. She chose to not run circles again around the bus. I mean Glenn didn’t have a path in mind and just wandered with Abe’s group until he found the hint  Maggie gave him. They have no leads on Beth…until now. 

I also think that the fact that Daryl is sure Beth is alive, gives them a sigh of relief.  It’s ok as long as shes out there and alive.  We would probably see Maggie cry more about Beth if she knew Beth was dead.

The lack of Beth is only to build her up. To surprise everyone. Having Daryl to be the only one to mention Beth is going to pave his speeding journey to get her back. 

Maybe this is some foreshadowing in the future with the relationship between Beth and Maggie. To show how this could cause distance between family members. To be (somewhat) fair, the only person Beth will be thinking about to get out of the hell hole she is in, is Daryl.

I do feel disappointed by the lack of Maggie and Daryl mentioning Beth, but we know Daryl is thinking about her without him saying anything and Maggie is possibly thinking about her too except we have no obvious hints to tell us like we do with Daryl.

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Daryl giving Beth silent reassurance  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 

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Get to know me meme [3/12] Favorite Actors: Norman Reedus

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Am I seriously the only one who didn’t get this until just now? Their last supper… 😔

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I feel like the cat resting on its humans arm in that pic is all ‘NO HUMAN


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these people are my 
    f a m i l y

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Beth’s presence, even when she wasn’t there.

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