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Kitty does not know what to do with the butterfly that landed on its paw.

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This always fucking gets me.

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Daryl Dixon is my favorite element of the television show,” said Kirkman. “And when we saw Norman Reedus, all of the producers kind of got together, and we were like, ‘We love this guy. We’ve got to get him in the show somehow.’ And so suddenly, Merle had a brother named Daryl.
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"It’s like a damn romance novel." 

He’s watching Beth, not Zack, not where he’s going.

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Norman makes me want to cry sometimes. He never ceases to amaze me day by day. Really wish I were a talented artist right now. But I know you guys are amazing so get a stepping and send your artwork to Norman! He wants to make a book of our love for him. This guy. @bigbaldhead

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Should be illegal to look this sexy <3

Should be illegal for him to wears white clothes JC!


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I remember …
        When that little girl came out of the barn? After my mom? 
                You were like me.

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Daryl Dixon + being the sweetest man on Earth

sweetest and saddest…. you at least know here his heart is. he cares so damn much for all of these people. I still think there is a reason for the angel wings… i mean it’s kinda obvious but it might become more clear soon.

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"Did you love Annie right away, Finnick?" I ask. "No." A long time passes before he adds, "She crept up on me."

Finnick and Annie for anonymous